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Chad Everett Harris, Riot Blockchain, Important Information here.

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Crypto, Opinions

Chad Everett Harris, Chad Everett H. was a failed gardener and entrepreneur — and then — presto, bingo — he’s building a bitcoin mining operation?  Think about it.

Chad Everett Harris, Whinstone, Riot Blockchain, Northern Data AG accused of accounting fraud  Read that article here.

Chad Harris defaults on million dollar loan, click here  to learn more.  Be sure to read the court doc.  It’s a hoot,  He tries to play the victim.  The judge ain’t buying it.

Chad Everett Harris owned this business while defaulting on loans and invoices.  Click here to learn more.

Chad Everett Harris is a porn spammer?  We believe he did that while sending email like these to the people he owed money to.

Suddenly he becomes a brilliant crypto expert who has the skill set to build a huge operation?  It boggles the mind.  Why is it guys like this always end up in crypto?

Whinstone was part of Northern Data AG.  It then was sold to Riot Blockchain, which has gone through numerous name changes.

Riot acquires Whinstone.

Insiders trading at Riot Blockchain Inc

Over the last 4 years, insiders at Riot Blockchain Inc have traded over $182,056,820 worth of Riot Blockchain Inc stock. The most active insiders traders include Data Ag Northern, Remo Mancini, and Jason Les. On average, Riot Blockchain Inc executives and independent directors trade stock every 66 days with the average trade being worth of $11,610,258. The most recent stock trade was executed by Lyle Joseph Theriot on 13 October 2021, trading 34,974 units of RIOT stock currently worth $1,154,142.

Riot Blockchain Inc executives and stock owners

Riot Blockchain Inc executives and other stock owners filed with the SEC include:

Reference source here.

Here’s what Seeking Alpha thinks of Riot Blockchain, Riot Blockchain: Not best of breed. 

“In this industry, everyone’s like, ‘Ooh, top secret, we have proprietary information!’ Well, actually, you don’t,” Whinstone CEO Chad Harris told CNBC.  There is no IP in this business. That’s nonsense,” said Harris, though he clarified at multiple points that this was only his opinion.”

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