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Chad Harris, RIOT Blockchain Fraudulent Presentations?

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Crypto, Deceptive Marketing, Find the Fraud, Uncategorized

Last year RIOT started adding an attachment to it’s monthly production updates with a chart of what the projected hashrate would be in the future. Each month, we got a new actual hashrate and a new projected hashrate schedule.

I spent some time pulling every one of these attachments and extracting the projections:

r/RiotBlockchain - Projected vs. Actual

Each line (except for Actual in black) is the projected hashrate chart RIOT produced for that month’s “Production and Operations Update”. The black line is the reported current “hash rate capacity”.

Judge for yourself if these projections have been realistic.

Putting too much faith into projected data is nothing but idiotic. Anybody with background on forecasting study will tell you they are placeholders until actual comes. I strongly suggest to read about the theory of efficiency.

Looks like they didn’t accounted for the external variables and just used constants. Someone with bad forecasts experience did the job for them. In this case, this is called fraudulent presentation


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