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Tapstone, Telic Ventures, Adconion Direct

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Ethics, Find the Fraud

Telic Ventures (Jeff Morgan), Adocion Direct,  (Kim Reed Perell), and Tapstone (Jonathan David) are closely associated.
Is Tapstone, also known as Tapstone MediaTapstone Holdings, LLC,, and, with Jonathan David, Founder and CEO, a rebrand of Telic Interactive also known as Telic which is listed as major spammer?
Tapstone Holdings is included on a list of companies that Telic Interactive was known as. To learn more, click here, Tapstone Holdings. To learn more about Telic and spamming here, Telic Interactive.
What other names was Tapstone Holdings known as?
Telic Interactive, Adaptive Media, Inc., AIM RESNER/MARKETINGOPS, Current Technologies, LLC, Digitalbuildbrick, FlashJack Marketing, LightWave Ventures, Limewave Technologies, Linewave Technologies, Morgan Family Trust, Onfourtesstech, Pete’s Hosting, Telic Ventures, Inc., Teleinteractive Telemarketing, WaveWordSolutions, WebTech Designs, and Zexochip Hosting.
From here on in, for the sake of convenience, the companies will be referred to as Tapstone and Telic or Telic Interactive.
Where did you get this information?
We’ve aggregated publicly available data for the purpose of dissecting a proven spam operation and it’s apparent rebrand. This is part 1 in a series. You will find links to parts 2 and 3 at the bottom of the page.
From here on in, for the sake of convenience, the companies will be referred to as Tapstone and Telic or Telic Interactive.
Is  Tapstone a rebrand of Telic Interactive which is listed as a major spammer?
It is listed as one of the companies Telic was also known as.
Did Telic employees become Tapstone employees?
Yes! A number of Telic Interactive employees became Tapstone Media employees.
Can you shed a little light on Jeff Morgan and Jonathan David?
Jeff Morgan (Jeffrey Morgan, Jeffrey Perry Morgan) was the Founder and CEO of Telic Ventures also known as Telic Interactive, and simply Jonathan David now listed as the CEO and Founder of Tapstone Holdings was a longtime Vice President at Telic and it could be argued, Mr. Morgan’s right hand man.
Does Jeff Morgan, also known as Jeffrey Morgan and Jeffrey Perry Morgan, run Tapstone?
The trail is complicated and there’s a lot of information. It’s like tracking ghosts in the shadows. They go to great lengths to make it that way. A Nevada holding company was set up right around the time that Telic was shutting down, and a week before Tapstone was formed. Read on to learn why this important.
A little history first
Jeffrey Morgan (pictured) has been an email marketer since approximately 2002, when he started AMS Global, Inc. aka AMS Global. He founded Telic Interactive in approximately 2010. Telic Interactive was outed as a spammer around July of 2013.
Apparently, Telic Interactive was also known as Adaptive Media, Inc. It looks like, Adaptive Media, Inc. is now known as Adaptive Medias, Inc. Both Adaptive Media and Adaptive Medias share the same URL.
Click here, Adaptive Media and click here, Adaptive Medias.
According to Bloomberg Business, Jeff Morgan also serves as a Member of Board of Advisors at Adaptive Media, Inc.
In SEC filings the Adaptive Media, Inc. shareholders are listed as: Morgan Family Trust (Jeff Morgan), Kim Reed Perell (Frontline Direct, Adconion Direct, Amobee), and Qayed Shareef.
Qayed Shareef has been charged with lascivious acts upon a minor and possession of child pornography. Discover more: Adaptive Media CEO Faces Life in Prison.
Jeff Morgan founded a company listed as a spam operation.
Federal prosecutors in California have filed criminal charges against four employees of Adconion Direct, an email advertising firm, alleging they unlawfully hijacked vast swaths of Internet addresses and used them in large-scale spam campaigns.
It seems the three shareholders may not be the “strange bedfellows” one would think.
Tapstone emerges from Telic   
Telic Interactive also known as Telic Ventures was listed as a spamming company around July, 2013. Subsequently its presence online begins to disappear.
On 12/23/2013 ODM Holdings was formed. On 12/30/2013 Tapstone Holdings, LLC was formed. Tapstone Holdings is held by ODM Holdings. An officer was assigned on 12/31/2014.
Tapstone Holdings, LLC is chartered in California. The listed Officer for Tapstone Holdings LLC is ODM Holdings, LLC. ODM Holdings is registered in Nevada.
The Officer for ODM Holdings is A.T. Mathis who is located at the same address as Anderson Advisors, Anderson Registered Agents and ODM Holdings on McLeod Dr. in Las Vegas.
A.T. Mathis, also known as Toby Mathis, is an attorney and the prime mover at Anderson.
Why is the information about ODM Holdings and Anderson Registered Agents important?
“Nevada law provides extremely strong protection against piercing the corporate veil. On the issue of “piercing the corporate veil,” Nevada law applies (which is much more supportive of the corporation’s interest), even if the corporation only operates in California, and has never had any other contact with Nevada, and is simply chartered there.” Read all about it here,
From the Anderson Advisors Website: “Nominee Services in Nevada for Privacy. Keep Your Anonymity”. Discover more:
What is a Nevada Nominee Privacy Service?
“Companies Incorporated offers a unique service to give you a BIG extra layer of privacy and protection. In order to protect our clients from prying eyes, Companies Incorporated offers our Nominee Privacy Service. When you sign up for this service, we will assign one of our associates to stand in for you as the officers and directors of your corporation. This service is available for Nevada (and Wyoming) Corporations. Not having your name listed publicly as an officer in a corporation can serve to limit your liability and substantially increase your privacy.” Learn more,
What is the definition of a “Holding Company”?
“A parent corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership, holding company exists for the sole purpose of controlling another company–which might also be a corporation, limited partnership. or limited liability company– rather than for the purpose of producing its own goods or services. One benefit of forming a holding company is that the holding company itself is protected from the losses, debtors and creditors.” Read more here,
“Holding companies and the companies they control have a parent-subsidiary relationship. When a holding company owns a controlling interest in another company, the holding company is called the parent company and the controlled company is called the subsidiary.” Read more,
Any corroborating information about Tapstone Holdings and ODM Holdings?
Jonathan David was an employee of Telic Interactive and is currently listed as the “Founder and CEO” of Tapstone.  But who really controls the company through Tapstone Holdings LLC and ODM Holdings LLC?
Do “white hat” companies hide registration details?, the domain for Tapstone Holdings. LLC , is registered in Panama and the registration details are obscured, . Why would a company hide its domain registration?
Two fingers on the same hand?
As already stated, Jeff Morgan and Jonathan David were the two key figures at Telic Interactive. With the demise of Telic, Jonathan David emerged as “Founder and CEO”, of Tapstone Holdings LLC (Tapstone).
Remember that Jeff Morgan controlled it all. He suddenly disappeared when Telic, his baby, was listed as a spammer.
Almost simultaneously holding companies were formed in Nevada to hold a California holding company known as Tapstone Holdings, LLC, which holds
As already shown above, Nevada is renowned for the thick curtain of secrecy it throws over companies registered there. Many “black hat” people gravitate to Nevada because of it’s secure privacy laws.
Who is JJ Reed?
JJ Reed, formerly of Telic and currently with Tapstone, JJ Reed Linkedin.
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