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Adconion acquired Telic Interactive at an interesting time

by | Sep 4, 2016 | Find the Fraud

Jeffrey Morgan (Telic Interactive) has been an email marketer since approximately 2002, when he started AMS Global, Inc. aka AMS Global.  He founded Telic Interactive in approximately 2010.  Telic Interactive was outed as a spammer around July of 2013.
In September, 2013, Adconion Direct, with Kim Reed Perell as CEO, acquired Telic Interactive assets.

In July, 2014 Amobee bought Adconion along with its Telic Interactive assets.  (Jonathan David in an interview posted on Voyage LA claims he bought assets.)
Interesting.  Jeff Morgan often referred to Ms. Perell as his partner.  They have been associated since at least the year 2000 according to SEC filings for a company named Adaptive Media, Inc.  Shareholders are listed as: Morgan Family Trust (Jeff Morgan), Qayed Shareef, and Kim Reed Perell. Click here to learn more, SEC filings.
We make no accusations.  We publish PSA’s based on publicly available information.
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