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Kim Perell owned spammer alleged Telic Interactive

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Find the Fraud

Kim Reed Perell aka Kim Perell, Jeff Morgan, and Jonathan David (Tapstone) are interconnected in ways we are still on the path of discovering. Our investigations are ongoing. Perell like Morgan and David, has not invented anything. She has not created anything other than personal wealth off the backs of those who are naïve, under educated, or desperate. Jeff Morgan and Kim Reed Perell are partners based on SEC filings and the documents below. Public records indicate that she got her start as a spammer along side Scott Richter, Jeff Morgan, and a collection of other morally gray people.
“Adconion Direct, Inc. and Adconion Pty. Ltd. traded with Telic Interactive a company 50% owned by K. Reed Perell until 11, September, 2013.”  Right about the time the spam reveal occurred.

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