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Tapstone is a spammer operation?

by | Oct 15, 2016 | Deceptive Marketing, Ethics, Find the Fraud, Scams

Tapstone,  Tapstone.comTapstone Holdings, LLC,, and Tapstone Media, with Jonathan David listed as CEO/Founder, is used as an example here because Telic Interactive was listed as a spammer. Jonathan David and Jeff Morgan were officers at Telic Interactive.
 Jeff Morgan and Jonathan David tried to create a sheen of respectability. They misrepresented the services of Tapstone and Telic for the purpose of contracting with legitimate agencies and brands even though they knew their junk mail had little or no chance of achieving the business objectives of these agencies and brands.
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Jeff Morgan also known as Jeffrey Morgan and Jeffrey Perry Morgan, pictured to the left, was the Founder and CEO of Telic Ventures also known as Telic Interactive, and simply Jonathan David was a longtime Vice President at Telic, and it could be argued, Mr. Morgan’s right hand man.
What other names was Tapstone Holdings known as?
Telic Interactive, Adaptive Media, Inc., AIM RESNER/MARKETINGOPS, Current Technologies, LLC, Digitalbuildbrick, FlashJack Marketing, LightWave Ventures, Limewave Technologies, Linewave Technologies, Morgan Family Trust, Onfourtesstech, Pete’s Hosting, Telic Ventures, Inc., Teleinteractive Telemarketing, WaveWordSolutions, WebTech Designs, and Zexochip Hosting.
From here on in, for the sake of convenience, the companies will be referred to as Tapstone and Telic or Telic Interactive.
Where did you get this information?
We’ve aggregated publicly available data for the purpose of dissecting a proven spam operation and it’s apparent rebrand. This is part 3 in a series. If you haven’t done so please read part 1 titled “Did Tapstone spin off from a spammer?” and part 2 titled “Does Tapstone aka Telic Interactive spam?” The links are located at the bottom of the page.
From here on in, for the sake of convenience, the companies will be referred to as Tapstone and Telic or Telic Interactive.
What is the proper way to send email?
Look at Gmail’s guidelines for bulk senders for example. They say to always send from the same domain and the same IP addresses. This is the way that legitimate marketers build a good reputation.
Why didn’t Tapstone and Telic Interactive email this way?
If Telic Interactive tried this, all their emails would get flagged as spam. Eventually they wouldn’t be able to deliver anything.  That’s the reason for spreading out this “reputation” among thousands of individual identities.  As soon as an “identity” develops a poor sending reputation, it can be discarded and new identities can be used.
Do you have examples of phony names?
Using WHOIS history records, and looking up corporate info, it’s pretty easy to see who else is involved. Below are examples of phony domain names Telic Interactive used (along with thousands of others) to send email from. You’ll notice “Sallara” has been used a number of times.
Domain name:
Philip Stensor ( -> 2664 domains
Fax: +1.5555555555
PO Box: 15500 SW Jay Street #38743 -> possibly related to other known Telic Interactive aliases
Beaverton, OR 97006
We’re not sure if “Sallara” is registered as a trade name or corporation anywhere. “Philip Stensor” is probably a fake name which indicates deception.
The number “38743” used as a zip code in other Telic Interactive related aliases (MarketingOps, Digitalbuildbrick) even though it’s not a valid zip code.
Tapstone and  Telic used the same “Earth Class Mail” PO Box number regardless of the address
Admin, Domain -> 73 domains
PO Box 96503, #42091
Washington, DC 20090
It has yet to be determined if Gartner Digital Comm is registered as a trade name or corporation anywhere.
Hammerhead Domains
Domain Administrator
PO Box 025250, #42091
33102-5250 Miami
United States
Tel: +1.8322019731
What is Hammerhead Domains?
Hammerhead Domains is a trade name in Wyoming registered to “JAK Technologies, LLC”.
A Whois Record for 2012-03-15 shows:
Derrick Nguyen
PO Box 025250 #42091
33102 Miami
United States
Tel: +1.7862692214
Derrick Nguyen was an employee based in Los Angeles and London, Derrick Nguyen LinkedIn
What is Arrogant Host?
Learn more here, Delaware Trade Name
Admin, Domain -> 51 domains
548 Market St #62938
San Francisco, CA 94104-5401
Anyone else involved?
Wyoming corporation (filing ID 2013-000644944) set up by lawyer, Linda L Goodman Esq.
Domain name:
Overture Technologies
Domain Manager ( -> 2050 domains
Fax: +1.5555555555
PO Box 17598 #65910
Baltimore, MD 21297-1598
Wyoming trade name of JAK Technologies, LLC. Learn more (click “Additional Details” tab): JAK Tech
CPH RESOURCES, LLC and MSP SOLUTIONS, LLC are both Wyoming corporations set up by Linda L Goodman Esq. (click the “Parties” tab). CPH RESOURCES, LLC – Learn more (click the “Parties” tab): Wyoming Business Filings
Is MSP SOLUTIONS, LLC listed as an officer outside of Wyoming?
Deleware registered trade name “BIRTHDAY CARDZ “.
Do note that Phillip Stensor and Sallara show up with corporations set up by Linda Goodman.
Whois Record for 2013-04-07
Domain name:
Registrant Contact:
Philip Stensor
PO Box: 15500 SW Jay Street #38743
Beaverton, OR 97006
Creation date: 03 Apr 2013 17:01:00
Expiration date: 03 Apr 2014 09:01:00
Any more evidence of someone being spammed
Spammed by Sallara, 37Prime.
Who is Linda Goodman?
Linda Goodman’s name keeps coming up. Linda Goodman was the law partner of Steve Richter. Goodman & Richter, LLP. Discover more here, OptinRealBig Lawsuit. She apparently is the lawyer of choice for Affiliate Summit.
Who is Steven Richter?
Steve Richter is Scott Richter’s father and President and General Counsel of Media Breakaway, formerly known as LLC. Other related companies are Dynamic Dolphin and Media Breakaway and were purchased by Ryan Eagle a man many have labeled a scammer. Read about the lawasuit Facebook filed against Steven Richter, ReveNews.
Who is Scott Richter?
Scott Richter was the “Spam KIng” behind OptinRealBig, a spamming operation rebranded as Media Breakaway. Media Breakaway was the owner of a registrar named Dynamic Dolphin, Inc, which, according to KnujOn, was one of the few Internet registrars that serve the majority of spamvertised web sites. On November 22, 2013, ICANN terminated the Registrar Agreement with Dynamic Dolphin. The reason given was “the registrar’s failure to disclose that Scott Richter was the CEO, director, and Secretary of the registrar since 2012” and “the registrar’s failure to disclose Scott Richter’s felony conviction”.
What a crew! Are they business related?
Scott Richter > Steve Richter > Linda Goodman > Jeff Morgan > Jonathan David., LLC > Goodman & Richter, LLP > AMS Global Online > Telic Interactive >
Seems so, doesn’t it? Let’s not forget that Qayed Shareef, who has been charged with lascivious acts upon a minor and possession of child pornography, fits in there somehow as well. Discover more about Mr. Shareef here, Adaptive Media CEO Faces Life in Prison.
It would be logical to assume that Jeff Morgan, Jonathan David, and everyone else involved, must have known that the marketing they did on behalf of advertisers would be considered spam and low grade dirt data by most people. Otherwise they wouldn’t have gone to such extraordinary lengths to obfuscate and hide.
It’s doubtful that these people and the companies they ran ever told advertisers and agencies they were paying premium prices for toxic data with little chance of hitting success metrics. It would appear that they practiced the “burn and churn” business model.
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Next we’ll research how Tapstone and Telic get the data they sell, the East European domains they used, and more.
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