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Chad Everett Harris, Riot’s Corsicana Data Center, Scam?

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Crypto, Find the Fraud, Scams

What is this?  What exactly is going on here?  84 comments about how wonderful Chad Everett Harris and RIOT are but it seems none of them have been posted by real people.  We checked 20 and none of them had a YouTube channel and none of the twenty had an active Twitter or Telegram accounts.  It looks to us like they’re bought bots, doesn’t it?  Are we missing something here?  Here’s a sample of the comments.

The video and comments can be found if you click on the Watch on YouTube tab on the bottom left of this embedded video.


Chad Everett Harris, Whinstone, Riot Blockchain, Northern Data AG accused of accounting fraud  Read that article here.

Chad Harris defaults on million dollar loan, click here  to learn more.  Be sure to read the court doc.  It’s a hoot,  He tries to play the victim.  The judge ain’t buying it.

Chad Everett Harris owned this business while defaulting on loans and invoices.  Click here to learn more.

Chad Everett Harris is a porn spammer?  We believe he did that while sending email like these to the people he owed money to.