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Does court ruling against “Net Neutrality” open the door for Comcast censorship?

by | Apr 6, 2010 | Trend Tracker | 0 comments

The FCC argued that Comcast, and other internet providers, could weight bandwidth for or against certain type of content, services and traffic. In effect giving those corporate entities control over what end-users could do online. 
“The case centers on Comcast’s actions in 2007 when it interfered with an online file-sharing service called BitTorrent, which allows users to swap big files such as movies over the Internet. But public interest groups stressed that the ramifications of Tuesday’s ruling are much broader. That’s because it undercuts the FCC’s ability to prevent broadband providers from becoming gatekeepers for many kinds of online services, potentially including Internet phone programs and software that runs in a Web browser.” 
And we thought we had to worry about the Government.  In the 1976 movie “Network“, written by Paddy Chayevsky; Howard Beale, portrayed by Peter Finch, passionately points out that corporations run everything and that governments are an old-fashion notion, a comforting illusion. 
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