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Are Ad Tech insiders breaking laws?

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Find the Fraud, Scams

Who are the key players?
Jeff Morgan aka Jeffrey P. Morgan, The Morgan Family Trust, Qayed Shareef, John B. Strong, Jim Waltz, Greg Templeton, Sal Aziz, and Norman Brodeur, among others.
Can you shed a little light on Jeff Morgan?
Jeff Morgan (Jeffrey Morgan, Jeffrey Perry Morgan) is publicly listed as a spammer by Spamhaus. He also founded a number of other companies including Adaptive Media along with Qayed Shareef and Kim Reed Perell.
A little history first
Jeffrey Morgan has been an email marketer since approximately 2002, when he started AMS Global, Inc. aka AMS Global. He founded Telic Interactive in approximately 2010. Telic Interactive was outed as a spammer around July of 2013.
Apparently, Telic Interactive was also known as Adaptive Media, Inc. It looks like, Adaptive Media, Inc. is now known as Adaptive Medias, Inc. Both Adaptive Media and Adaptive Medias share the same URL.
According to Bloomberg Business, Jeff Morgan also serves as a Member of Board of Advisors at Adaptive Media, Inc.
In SEC filings the Adaptive Media, Inc. shareholders are listed as: Morgan Family Trust (Jeff Morgan), Qayed Shareef, and Kim Reed Perell. Click here to learn more, SEC filings.
To learn who owns stock in Adaptive Media Acquisition Co., parent of Adaptive Media, Inc., now known as Adaptive Media, here, Adaptive Media Stock Holders.
Qayed Shareef has been charged with lascivious acts upon a minor and possession of child pornography. Discover more: Adaptive Media CEO Faces Life in Prison.
What public corporations are involved?
We know of Adaptive Media, OneScreen, Adaptive Medias, Inqubus, Mimvi, Ember,  Adaptive Media Inc., Media Graph Inc., Vidshadow, Supafli Entertainment, and maybe others due to suspicious bankruptcies, acquisitions, takeovers, and transfers.
Where did you get this information?
We’ve aggregated publicly available data and we offer our opinions as to what it means.
Let’s get started
Qayed Shareef was arrested for child sex crimes. Shareef was arrested for manipulating  TWO BROTHERS aged 9 and 10 to perform sex acts on one another for his pleasure.  He recorded sex acts performed on himself and sent them to the little boys. If true, he ruined 2 little boys. Worse yet, he would be guilty of grooming two young and innocent brothers to break the greatest of taboos — INCEST.
Again, Qayed Shareef is the longtime partner of Jeff Morgan.  He founded Adaptive Media with Shareef in 2000 and  owned stock in Apaptive Media. While out on bail, he went on and founded another company, Inqubus, Inc.  One can only assume that Morgan and Perrell are associated with Inqubus, Inc. At least several employees including the CEO of Adaptive are now at Inqubus, Inc. John B. Strong, CEO, of Adaptive Medias is listed as a Co-founder of Inqubus along with Shareef.
Here is Shareef’s LinkedIn profile,  Listed as Managing Partner at,
Follow the trail
In January 2015, Video Ad tech firm Adaptive Medias (Formerly OneScreen) removed it’s CEO Qayed Shareef on allegations of child sexual crimes.
In June of 2015 following his dismissal former CEO Qayed Shareef incorporates “Inqubus Inc” in the state of Texas with his wife. Now located at: 10 Hughes Ste A101 Irvine, CA 92618.
At least several former Adaptiv people are at Inqubus. Interesting name choice – an incubus (inqubus) is an imaginary demon or evil spirit supposed to descend upon sleeping persons, especially one fabled to have sexual intercourse with women during their sleep.
The curious case of John B. Strong
In August of 2015, John B Strong (who is pictured here) is announced as the new CEO/Chairman of Adaptive Medias. In January 2016, John B Strong the current president of Adaptive Medias, is stated via Linkedin to be the “Co-founder” of Inqubus Inc. In Feb 2016-Adaptive Medias Inc a Public Company is possibly being acquired by Ad Supply LLC, aka Spark Studios and maybe Tatami Solutions – creator of the adware Adsupply
So the new CEO of a public company and the EX CEO (who has no need to disclose public trading anymore as a non-director) start a company together months after the old CEO is booted and oddly just before an acquisition with news that sends the stock way up. Further, in a public press release Adaptive Medias announces they retained an investment bank Roth capital to assist them. Yet the investment bank isn’t mentioned oddly in their disclosure to the OTCBB’s of anyone helping to market their shares. and
John B Strong the new CEO (opinion) seems to have “light” history within Ad-tech, or the video landscape. He seems to have light prior management experience prior to running a public ad organization. His previous experience listed on Linkedin across companies have interesting items to research regarding employees/operations. The orgs are listed on Linkedin and VB profiles all of interest as they seem rather empty. The organizations listed within Inqubus seem to have limited operations/employees.
An interesting group of three founded Adaptive Media in its first iteration.
Adaptive Medias however has evolved via mergers and name changes from multiple organizations in the Ad Tech space. OneScreen. Mimvi. Ember. Adaptive Media Inc., Media Graph Inc. Vidshadow. Supafli Entertainment. Throughout its history, ALL executives and board members seem to have come from Traffic Marketplace (FKA Epic Media Group) or OneScreen.
The prior companies have interesting histories, legal cases, and finances before changing names
Onescreen a purveyor of questionable bot traffic is acquired by Adaptive Medias,  The two companies had common investors. Adaptive Medias CEO, Qayed Shareef, is now running OneScreen.
Previous directors, Board members, Majority Stock Holders of Adaptive Medias and it’s iterations have included
Qayed Shareef previously of Traffic Marketplace, Jim Waltz-CEO, Beanstock previously of Traffic Marketplace, Bruce Wiseman, Sal Aziz, Norman Brodeur, Jeff Morgan, and the Morgan Family Trust.
The Investors/Advisors/Officers seem to have interesting histories
1. James Batsmanian, Core investor of Adaptive Medias,
2. Gregg Templeton, CoFounding investor of OneScreen/Investor of Adaptive Medias, and
3. Norman Brodeur, and
Still chasing ghosts, still on the trail
The basis here is that there are very interesting advertising landscape items and financial items across Adaptive Medias and its originators . Adaptive Medias originated from OneScreen, Mimvi, Ember, Supafli entertainment, and Sushee Inc. It’s executive teams having come from Traffic Marketplace.
Currently Adaptive Medias operates in Video advertising and may be getting acquired by Ad Supply LLC for 35 Mm, promoting an Ad blocking product. Interesting connections did occur prior to the acquisition announcement between former CEO Qayed Shareef, and current CEO John B Strong, setting up an interesting incubation firm together directly prior to the announcements.
Historical Connections
OneScreen had publicly noted issues with potential Traffic Fraud and affiliate payment, as well as legal cases, before changing its name, ownership to Adaptive Medias. trafficmarketplace/Epic held similar issues from nonpayment of affiliates, to history sniffing, to others.
Interesting Connections before any mergers
OneScreen Inc. and Mimvi’s Adaptive Media Inc are two separate organizations, two separate business’s, operating under two distinct trading symbols until they merge in early 2014. The history of the two companies and many elements seem to have some interesting items intertwined. OneScreen Ticker: OSCN Mimvi Adaptive Media: MIMV.
According to filings (Which are delivered to quoting reporting systems) , on Aug 7, 2007, Adaptive was founded by Qayed Shareef, Omar Akram and Sal Aziz.
According to other documents however, Adaptive primary stakeholders are Qayed Shareef, and Jeff Morgan, without mention of Omar Akram and Sal Aziz as stakeholders, with Adaptive Media being founded in 2012.
In Aug of 2007, Sal Aziz is working at New Era Finance, prior to moving to Traffic Marketplace/Epic in 2009, prior to moving to OneScreen in 2012, Prior to moving to Adaptive Medias in 2013.
In Aug of 2007, Omar Akram is working for “New Era” Group of companies, Followed by “Epic Marketplace of Epic MediaGroup in 2009-2011, later joining Adaptive Medias in 2013.
Public links showing some interesting intertwining: OneScreen, Adaptive Media Inc. (Name prior to merge with OneScreen and becoming “Adpative Medias”) Morgan Family Trust, William Nichols Associates, Richardson Patel.
1. Beanstock: CEO Jim Waltz acted as interim president of Adaptive Medias in 2015. Waltz worked with Shareef and others at traffic Marketplace/Epic prior to this.
2. Beanstock CRO Joe Lyons,was also the advisor to William Nichols Associates since at least early 2013. William Nichols is owned by Norman Brodeur.
AdaptiveMedias and Beanstock
Richardson and Patel LLC
In 2008 500,000 shares of OneScreen/Vidshadow were given to law firm Richardson Patel.
In July 2013 Mimvi and Adaptive Media Inc. merge/acquisition, overseen by their legal firm Richardson Patel for shareholders Qayed Shareef, Jeff Morgan, and the Morgan Family Trust. At this point in time there is no known business operations between Adaptive Media and Onescreen. This is the point where Mimvi became a publicly traded org. It is not until Dec 2013 that Onescreen and Adaptive media announce a relationship.
Richardson and Patel also represent Adaptive Medias second largest stakeholder Benjamin Padnos, who acted temporarily as a Director of Business Development for Mimvi Inc.
Dec 2013 Adaptive Medias, announces a deal to license OneScreen technology.
April 2014 – Adaptive Medias and OnceScreen to Merge.
These are just interesting historical items about the interconnectedness (potential randoms) of several of these players, whose business operations seem to follow the interconnection.
Prior Management
1. Supafli Entertainment owned by Brodeur becomes Vidshadow
2. Vidshadow Sues its Prior CEO, Jordan Hudgens.
3. VidShadow aqcuires Sushee INC- Sushee INC is sued by Vidshadow
4. Vidshadow Changes name it OneScreen appoints Atul Patel. Atul Patel sues OneScreen.
5. Adaptive Media INC, becomes Mimvi. The CEO of Mimiv, Kasian Franks, and Felix Chan sue Adpative Media.
5. Qayed Shareef becomes CEO of Adaptive Medias following the OneScreen merger.
7. Jim Waltz becomes interim CEO of Adaptive Medias- Adaptive Medias sues Jim Waltz.
8. Greg Templeton the founding investor of OneScreen sues Adaptive Medias
Have they all been sued or have sued?
Every individual that has been a past CEO/owner has either been sued or has sued. There are also numerous previous advisors that have sued. Those that have invested/advised all seem to have won their cases with large payouts. Public docs can be referenced. There are also a number of financial oddities behind each (opinion of advfn investors)
The curious case of John B. Strong continued
The LinkedIn and VentureBeat profiles for John B Strong, CEO of Adaptive Medias, indicate that he has 30 Years of executive and management experience running tech orgs. The noted companies on these sources and touted in the press releases are Communly, TruckitOKC,, and TryChec.  Prior to 2013, we could not find reference to ANY tech companies John B Strong has ever managed. Invested in possibly. Of course we could go tomorrow and invest in Microsoft. Ran/managed/founded- No. His background seems to be that of 19 years as an Art dealer.
John B. Strong/Inqubus companies as of 2013
1. Communly: A site in bad standing with the CA Tax board. Currently the website seems to be the site of a 20year old UI designer. Oh and Communly earlier in the year was touted via direct press release, as a new strategic partner using Adaptive Medias Video technology. Oddly there was never video on the site.
2. Bombaydevelopment: Can’t seem to find any operations, employees, or presence.
3. TryChec: Referenced online once with a fraud complaint. Has one listed employee on Linkedin since its founding.
4. TruckitOKC: An App exists, but John B Strong is the only employee.
5. Combotrip: Seem to be the most robust of them all. They do have two employees seemingly.
None of these seem to be successful tech companies. None of these seem to have true operations
We wonder why a Public Company in a deep Ad tech niche, would consider this individual as the CEO. We wonder how exactly these 30 years of experience came to be. The Companies referenced by Inqubus Inc which has Strong listed as a manager seem to be “shells”.
Our opinion as to what this all may mean
1. What looks like an insider trading setup.
2. What looks like Stock manipulation via several ways (misleading releases, directors slamming message boards, potentially faked business initiatives).
3. What looks like fraudulent conveyance to escape debt liabilities as well as fraudluent ad practices across the group of organizations.
4. What looks like one group always behind each new company iteration (Brodeur, Shareef, Waltz, Morgan, Strong) even while trading/operating under differing ownership.
5. What looks like a series of payoffs/kickbacks.
6. What looks like litigation organized by insiders against the company, utilized, for the purpose of looking clean while paying off.
Our perspective
It looks like a group of Ad/finance industry insiders have utilized ADTM and its prior iterations as a piggy bank from the stock side while also financing and testing ground ad practices intended to defraud for profit.
We make no accusations nor do we have insider information. We leave it for you to interpret the data as you may. In addition, despite the sickening charges filed against Qayed Shareef after a one year investigation, he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
That said, where there’s smoke, there’s a fire.
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