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Legit Web sites team up with shady operators

by | Feb 4, 2010 | Ethics | 0 comments

The link below leads to an example of why we created the “Online Social Responsibility” fan page on Facebook. In the article it’s noted that Fandango, after paying a hefty fine due to its relationships with unscrupulous web loyalty programs, has instituted a number of safeguards within its site and has ended its relationships with those programs. Fandango said it is “pleased to play a leadership role…to promote responsible marketing practices for the e-commerce industry related to online membership programs.” eDebit Pay aka EDReporting, when busted by the Feds for “piggy-backing” paydays loans with its debit cards, started a “web ethics” site, and advertised itself as a ethcis leader. 
These companies and these actions make it harder for the rest of us to make an honest living.
The pupose of the “Online Social Responsibility” fan page is to create an awareness that the web is an environment, and like the three dimensional world around us, it’s vulnerable to pollution, and other types of degradation. We want to create an association of companies that care about the future of the web. This is still a work in progress. Much needs to be defined and, in fact, we depend on your thoughts and opinions. We’d like it if you became a fan of “Online Social Reponsibility”. 
The article, Legit Web sites team up with shady operators