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Majority of smartphone users integrating devices into every aspect of daily lives

by | Jun 7, 2011 | Mobil | 0 comments

In a recent smartphone survey conducted by Prosper Mobile Insights, among smartphone users who completed the survey on their smartphone. 56% of the sample was male while 44% was female, and the average age of the sample was 36.

As mobile technology continues to evolve, says the report, a majority of smartphone users are fully integrating their devices into every aspect of their daily lives. According to the survey 52.9% say they utilize all of the functions of their smartphones, 30.4% say they use the basic functions of their smartphones and 16.7% only use their smartphones for calling, texting and emailing

Smartphone Use by Respondents
Use of Smartphone % of Respondents
I use my smartphone for basic functions (call, text, email) 16.7%
I use my smartphone for basic functions and some applications (weather, GPS, social media) 30.4%
I use my smartphone for all the functions… it’s my life. 52.9%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights Smartphone Survey, May 2011

With all the unique features of smartphones, texting, Internet, and email are the top functions smartphone users say they cannot live without. Calling features, GPS, and Facebook are also necessities to some.

The One Function Of Your Smartphone That You Cannot Live Without
Function % of Respondents
Texting 21.6%
Email 15.7%
Internet 16.7%
Call 7.8%
Facebook 5.9%
GPS 6.9%
Calendar 1.0%
Apps 4.9%
News 2.0%
Bluetooth 2.0%
Alarm 1.0%
Weather 1.0%
Social Media 1.0%
Games 1.0%
Other 0.0%
No Preference 11.8%
Total 100.0%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights Smartphone Survey, May 2011

With new technology, however, comes new concerns, and the top privacy issue among smartphone users is location tracking, followed closely by unauthorized access to personal information:

Top Privacy/Security Concerns Among Smartphone Users
Concern % of Respondents
Location being tracked 35.3%
Someone accessing personal information  31.4%
Someone accessing financial data  21.6%
Online behavior being tracked  11.8%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights Smartphone Survey, May 2011

Despite these concerns, 55.9% of smartphone users say they prefer using their smartphone to access the Internet over using a computer (35.3% prefer to use a computer while 8.8% aren’t sure).
The vast majority of smartphone users say they use their smartphone to browse for products or services. Three quarters use their smartphone to locate stores or look for store hours. Reading reviews and researching specific products are also top smartphone activities, and half say they have made a purchase via their smartphone device:

Smartphone Shopping Behaviors
Behavior % of Respondents
Browsing or looking for a product/service  81.4%
Locating a store or store hours  77.5%
Reading customer reviews  57.8%
Researching specific products  57.8%
Receiving text messages with special offers  53.9%
Making a purchase  50.0%
Scanning a QR code  34.3%
Writing a customer review  20.6%
None of the above  5.9%
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights Smartphone Survey, May 2011

Gary Drenik, President & CEO, Prosper Business Development, concludes that “… consumers are integrating mobile devices into all aspects of their daily lives… are more engaged with online content… are more influenced by digital advertising.”
For additional information and access to the PDF chart file, please visit here.