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Lisa Ann: scumbags incorporate in Nevada

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Ethics, Find the Fraud, Scams

Tapstone, Tapstone Holdings, ODM Holdings, Telic Ventures, and their officers are listed as spammers by ROKSO Spamhaus. In addition, they’ve set up dummy shell corporations in “shady” countries and states with privacy laws they can hide behind.
In the video porn actress Lisa Ann explains why she believes only “scumbags and arms dealers” hide behind secrecy laws. To be clear, the “spammers” rip off American vets and other types of trusting, less fortunate Americans. Most of them down on their luck.
This is irony: “spammers” undermine trust and sow discord. That is the legacy that Jonathan David, Jeff Morgan, and others in that shadow world, will be leaving their daughters and sons. That’s part of the inheritance they’re passing on to their children.
More irony: the “spammers” are making the world a worse place for their children to live in because the “spammers” are living in it.
Most ironic: the brains they use to scam others are the same brains they use to interpret reality — and those brains are scamming them by sending spam rationalizations about who they are and bogus justifications for what they do.
Jeff Morgan and Jonathan David are not innovators. They haven’t invented anything. They haven’t created value. They haven’t disrupted an industry with a new way of doing business. They simply digitalized grifting after watching Scott Richter, “The Spam King” do it.  They’re not bootstrapping entrepreneurs.
Begs the question, who are the real “takers” in the world? The hard luck people who try to do the right things? Or the people who spam them and feed off of them — and then hide behind shell corporations and phony origin myths about their professional lives?
Anyways, on to Lisa Ann.  Don’t worry about the video, it’s PG except for the bikini top. It’s cute but cutting too.

Of course, we’re conjecturing and expressing our opinions here. You can make your own decisions. We would never presume that only con artists use anonymous shell companies in “shady” jurisdictions. Those “shady” states, by the way, include Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Delaware. These are states that were used often by Telic Ventures and Tapstone Holdings, LLC. as places to obscure their true identity and purpose.   
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