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Chad Everett Harris is worth $7MM or more? His most profitable con yet.

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Crypto, Find the Fraud, Opinions

Only in a world that allows the existence of a Potemkin Village named Whinstone_Riot Blockchain.  A “Potemkin village” signifies any deceptive or false construct, conjured often by cruel regimes, to deceive both those within the land and those peering in from outside.


Below is a summation of the Form 4 (insider trading) filing.  Yesterday’s closing price ($7.09) was used where there isn’t a price:

CEO Jason Les:

  • Received 3,396,768 shares worth $24.1M.

Executive Chairman Yi Soo Il Benjamin:

  • Received 3,398,518 shares worth $24.1M

EVP Jackman William Richard:

  • Received 984,942 shares worth $7M

EVP Harris Chad Everett:

  • Received 984,942 shares worth $7M


  • Received 546,227 shares worth $3.9M

CFO Yee Colin M:

  • Received 404,289 shares worth $2.9M

SVP Werner Ryan D.:

  • Received 320,586 shares worth $2.3M

Director Marleau Hubert:

  • Received 142,691 shares worth $1M

Director Cho Hannah:

  • Received 123,911 shares worth $0.9M

Director D’Ambrosio Lance Varro:

  • Received 117,691 shares worth $0.8M

That’s 9,435,623 shares handed out, worth $66,898,567.

For comparison, RIOT’s total held BTC is currently worth only $130,282,656.

At the end of Q2, there were only 15,463,848 authorized but unissued shares remaining. Probably there will be zero left in the Q3 report.

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