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Chad Everett Harris Proof that Corsicana is Happening

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Crypto, Find the Fraud

A partial shot of one friggin’ excavator?  That’s his proof that Riot is working hard in Corsicana?  It looks broken down.  A picture that could have been taken anywhere.  Shouldn’t there be people, tractors, other things included if one is going to provide proof that “Corsicana is happening”?   Based on our experiences with him, if Harris’s lips are moving, he’s lying.  The irony is that the brain he uses to lie to the world is lying to him, too.  We have email after email from Harris lying to us, gaslighting us, abusing us, treating us like morons — like we’re inferior to him.  Don’t trust anything about him or anything he’s involved with, in our opinion.

Behind the Videos, Marketing & Hype – Whinstone, Chad Everett Harris, Riot, and Northern Data

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Chad Harris defaults on million dollar loan, click here  to learn more.  Be sure to read the court doc.  It’s a hoot,  He tries to play the victim.  The judge ain’t buying it.

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Chad Everett Harris is a porn spammer?  We believe he did that while sending email like these to the people he owed money to.